Advantages and disadvantages of silicone products


1, High temperature resistance: Applicable temperature range -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, low temperature does not harden, high temperature does not melt, does not produce toxic substances, can be used in microwave ovens and ovens.

2, easy to clean: silicone products produced from silicone can be rinsed in water after use to restore clean, can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

3, long life: silicone material chemical properties are very stable, the products made, compared to other materials have a longer life.

4, soft and comfortable: thanks to the softness of silicone material, the cake mold products are comfortable to touch, very flexible and not deformed.

5, Diverse colors: according to the needs of customers, we can deploy different beautiful colors.

6, environmental protection and non-toxic: silicone material itself is non-toxic and tasteless, stable in nature, and there is no need to worry about toxic substances after the finished product is made.

7, electrical insulation performance: silicone rubber has a high resistivity, and its resistance value can remain stable in a wide range of temperature and frequency. At the same time silicone has good resistance to high voltage corona discharge and arc discharge, such as high voltage insulators, TV high voltage caps, etc.

Disadvantages of silicone products.


1, similar products, the price is more expensive than plastic, latex-type products.

2, The molding time is longer than others. Silicone is required to cross-link (or vulcanization).

3, such as silicone material products generally have adsorption, not dirty.

4, transparent silicone phone cases used for a long time, transparent shell silicone easy yellowing.

5, silicone material products and sharp, sharp things collide easily scratched.

We also need to pay attention to some silicone products in the process of using silicone products, to be able to extend the service life of silicone products. In fact, any kind of material has its advantages and disadvantages, often the advantages and disadvantages of the same time, you can also choose different materials according to their own needs, but silicone products relative to plastic is absolutely dominant, plastic high temperature produces toxic substances, and will cause environmental pollution, whether from the perspective of the environment or from the perspective of human health, choose environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials is really safe We should advocate more people to use environmentally friendly materials to reduce the pollution and harm to the earth, which is the responsibility of every citizen of the earth.