Are silicone straws easy to use?

Every summer is very hot, and I will come to have such a cup of milk tea. Since I drink milk tea, I will think of a must-have thing, and that is a straw; the common straws on the market are some plastic straws. The biggest advantage of plastic straws is Cheap, but not very healthy;

Especially when drinking hot drinks, it will harm our body. Especially for the editor who likes to drink hot drinks very much, I am very troubled. Silicone straws can solve this problem very well.

–Advantages of silicone straws

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The silicone straw is made of food-grade silicone. The silicone straw has a long service life and can be reused, unlike

The service life of plastic straws is very short, they cannot be recycled, and it is difficult to decompose in nature; the number of plastic straws used in China every day is a huge number, which will cause great damage to the earth; many people have a small The habit is to love to bite straws. Plastic straws will rot after a while, and it is not good for your health. Silicone straws are very chewy and resistant to pulling, and will not produce tooth marks on them. They can return to their original shape after pulling. This is a boon for those who love to bite straws.

Silicone straws can withstand high and low temperatures from minus 40 degrees to two hundred degrees, which is incomparable to plastic straws, especially when drinking hot drinks, some plastic straws will melt and produce harmful substances; the appearance of silicone straws The appearance is also very high, the first impression can be attracted by the appearance of the silicone straw, you can customize your favorite color, Pantone color number has thousands of colors for you to choose; the silicone straw is easy to clean, silicone has It has strong oil resistance and dust resistance, and we will provide a small brush, which can be inserted from one end of the straw, and it will be cleaned after a few twitches. Isn’t it very convenient?

In recent years, the annual growth rate of products in the silicone market has been continuously increasing. Silicone products have been widely used in our country, and they are widely used in medical and health and food industries, such as medical equipment and drinking water equipment. , sports equipment, automobiles, industrial machinery and equipment, etc.; my country has become a market with great potential for silicone products. Our company welcomes you to customize all kinds of silicone products.