How to buy silicone tableware?

Choose silicone kitchenware with these tips.

Look with your eyes

A real silicone lunch spoon should have a pure color, smooth surface and no stains. Counterfeit silicone often has a rough surface and is accompanied by a pungent smell.


Feel with your hands

Good quality silicone is comfortable and delicate to the touch, flexible and elastic, and not easily deformed. This means that you can knead and flip it any way you like. 


Look at the price

Good products, the natural price is not expensive. Those a few dollars also package shipping products, you dare to buy?


Look at the certificate        

Contact with food silicone cookware, must pass quality inspection, to meet food-grade standards. For example, the U.S. FDA testing.


Look for formal manufacturers

The easiest way to find the regular manufacturers to buy, how can not be wrong, such as our Zichen Great Success Co., Ltd.