How to distinguish platinum silicone gel from ordinary silicone?


Platinum silicone is a two-component silicone, divided into two components AB, usually A component for liquid silicone, B component for the catalyst containing platinum components, its operating ratio of 1:1 mostly, so also known as ab silicone. Some of the high quality platinum silica gel also has food contact certification, that is, FDA food grade certification. Platinum silicone products are very good, so how do we distinguish platinum products from ordinary silicone products?

First, distinguish from the molding process

Ordinary silicone and platinum silicone are modulated with different catalysts, in fact, in addition to ordinary silicone, platinum silicone and medical grade and food grade silicone. This is also graded, of course, medical-grade silicone and food-grade silicone, respectively. Ordinary silicone products are made of ordinary silicone raw materials using the most traditional vulcanizing agent, although the product is non-toxic and odorless in all aspects of performance. But ordinary silicone products have a fatal drawback is that with the growth of time, if the product is not maintained, then ordinary silicone will occur yellowing and dark lines.

Platinum and food-grade silicone products will not have such problems: imported silicone raw materials, two-component processing machine vulcanization in all aspects of performance than ordinary silicone, such as long-term use will not have yellowing and dark lines and other phenomena.

Second, from the surface and the use of performance distinction

Ordinary silica gel is not able to achieve the performance effects described in the market, such as: temperature range -40 ~ 240 ° long-term use will not yellowing, degradation. Generally speaking, the vulcanization process of ordinary silica gel will not be very good in consideration of time and processing cost, so ordinary silica gel has a great smell. The surface is not transparent and there is also the phenomenon of sticky dust, in short, ordinary silica gel is far from platinum and food-grade silica gel to do the performance of the product.

Third, from the application range to distinguish

Common silica gel is most commonly used in environmental protection industrial supplies, accessories and auto parts, electrical parts. Platinum silicone, medical grade and food grade silicone are widely used in medical and hygiene products, daily necessities (such as silicone kitchenware, silicone gifts, etc.) which require high safety and environmental protection level.