Is the silicone tableware for baby’s dinner really safe?

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“Is silicone tableware for baby meals really safe?” One thing for sure is that silicone is indeed a great material to use for babies. Silicone products, which are now widely used in various fields, are also essential in daily life. Silicone products, which have slowly replaced glass and plastic in various fields, are mainly because of their non-toxic and odorless characteristics.

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The silicone tableware used for baby meals, but also food-grade silicone products. For example, eating bowls, spoons, babies in the mouth inside the pacifier and so on, many are made of food-grade silicone. Its texture is light, soft, but also fall-resistant, high temperature, non-slip, good heat insulation, no toxicity, no taste, no BPA and so on these characteristics, is in line with the safety requirements.

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Babies are easy to knock over tableware, and silicone tableware do not worry about the baby fall crack. Even if the silicone tableware burned, there will be no toxic gas produced, will generate silica, water vapor, etc.. Unlike those plastics, there will be pungent toxic gases generated at high temperatures.

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However, some manufacturers, in the manufacture of silicone products, in order to control costs, will be environmentally friendly odorless vulcanizing agent catalyst, replaced by ordinary vulcanizing agent, resulting in the silicone products are not safe. So parents must pay attention to screening when choosing. Usually food-grade silicone products made by regular manufacturers will have a certificate of certification. Parents may not always be able to see it when shopping, so be sure to choose a professional brand of silicone products. In addition, parents can also make a simple identification.

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You can first smell the smell, food-grade silicone tableware is basically odorless. Secondly, the food-grade silicone production of tableware, transparency is relatively high, will not yellow. You can also try to pull the silicone tableware, the regular silicone tableware is stretched, will be very good to restore back, will not appear in the process of pulling the white material. 

Finally, parents should not rush to use it after buying it back. You can boil water at high temperature first, and then go to use. The regular silicone tableware is safe, do not worry too much.

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To sum up, mom and dad in the selection of tableware for the baby, just pay attention to the following points, you can pick the baby to qualified silicone tableware. 

1, choose the material for food-grade silicone, food-grade silicone more resistant to high temperatures, can be used in the temperature range of -40 ℃ to 240 ℃. 

2, select the tableware marked “Bisphenol A (BPA) free” words, such as: 0% BPA, BPA free. 

3, tableware must be odorless. 

4, choose transparent or light-colored tableware, especially the inner wall of the bowl must choose colorless and chartless. 

5, the surface of the tableware should be smooth, no impurities or bubbles.

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Mom and Dad just choose food-grade and high-temperature resistant silicone tableware, you can completely rest assured that the baby use.

Tableware in addition to plastic silicone material, there are several other materials of tableware. Here is a brief list of several tableware, I believe that after the comparison, mothers and fathers can also be more comfortable to use silicone tableware for babies.

Ceramic tableware

Most of our adult tableware is mainly ceramic, ceramic material is safer, however, because ceramic fragile, rapid thermal conductivity characteristics, obviously not suitable for baby use. If you must use ceramic tableware for your baby, you can only use it in the early stage of adding complementary foods to your baby, when your baby is in the feeding stage.

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Stainless steel tableware

Stainless steel tableware by the fall, however, and ceramic tableware has the same characteristics of rapid heat conduction, easy to burn, and, stainless steel spoons will be relatively sharp, easy to hurt the baby’s mouth. In addition, there are some “counterfeit” stainless steel tableware on the market, most of the other metal “impersonation”, it is likely that the heavy metal content is not qualified to use for the baby may not be conducive to baby health.

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Wooden tableware

Although wooden tableware also by the fall, natural texture, however, many wooden tableware on the market are preservative treatment and painting, with certain safety hazards.

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Therefore, whether it is ceramic tableware, stainless steel tableware or wooden tableware, are not particularly recommended for babies to use. In contrast, plastic tableware, silicone tableware is more recommended for babies to use. 

It should be noted that plastic and silicone material is easy to aging, to the baby to use the tableware to regularly check, once found on the tableware is broken, or cracks, we must promptly replace.